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Gardening saw is a hand tool for cutting. As one of the commonly used tools for woodworking in the construction site, Gardening saw is composed of a frame bow and a saw blade, which is convenient and simple to use, and can be used to replace the saw blade multiple times. The oldest woodworking Garde


When something breaks in your home, call the property to fix it. The property came after a long time. If you want to cultivate without tools, then it is called collapse. For example, in summer, the faucet is broken and cannot be used. it is necessary to buy a Tool Sets. Of course, for products such


A Measuring Tape is a frequently used tool in daily life. What everyone often sees is the steel measuring Tape, which is often used in building and decorating, and is also one of the indispensable tools for families. Divided into fiber tape, measuring Tape, waist circumference, etc. What are the cha


A screwdriver is a common tool used to screw in a screw, usually with a thin, wedge-shaped head that fits into a slot or notch in the head of the screw. There is mainly a word (minus sign) and a cross (plus sign). There are also common hexagon screwdrivers, including hexagon socket and hexagon socke


Hand tools are a classification of the hardware industry. The hardware industry is divided into hand tools, electric tools, auto maintenance tools, pneumatic tools, welding equipment, abrasive tools, daily hardware, building hardware, kitchen and bathroom hardware, and small household appliances.


Deli Tools has become the second-largest hand tool brand in China, combining various factors, and at the same time looking forward to the development of Deli Tools brand.

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