Headquarters of Deli Tools Officially Settles in Hangzhou

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On September 26th, the headquarters of Deli Tools officially settled in Hangzhou, ushering in a new historical stage and starting a new journey of development. 

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The headquarters are located in Hangzhou CBD, with clean and bright environment 

Achieving the same height in different fields; Deli Tools has set sail. 

Since the reform and opening up, China's tool industry has experienced a period of rapid development. Although China has formed strong manufacturing and marketing capabilities, the industry still faces many difficulties and challenges in its development. Hardware tools market is very large but the brand concentration degree is low and there is a lack of influential leading enterprises. Owing to long-term experience in the Business-end market, Deli accumulated excellent brand reputation and customer base. Meanwhile, tool products are the necessities of enterprise-level purchasing market. As a leader in the overall solution of multi-work scenarios, Deli has the confidence and responsibility to help the development of the industry in a healthy way. 

Therefore, Deli formally entered the tool industry by establishing Deli Tools Co., Ltd. in 2016. 

The road is obstacle-packed and long, but you will get through if you keep going; If you don't stop walking, the future can be expected. 

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Deli Tools is striding forward 

Since its establishment, Deli Tools Co., Ltd. has made great efforts in products, quality, brand, channels, supply chain and other aspects, and gained periodical success one after another. Even in 2020, in the face of the global COVID-19 epidemic, Deli Tools went against the trend. Internally, it carried out multi-channel planning and organizational change. Externally, it launched overseas expansion projects. Its comprehensive strength continued to rise. 

After years of development, Deli Tools has become a well-known hardware tool brand in China. In particular, the sales volume of hand tools ranks first in China, and the sales of various product categories rank among the best. Deli Tools Co., Ltd. has achieved a compound growth rate of over 50% in recent three years. Its sales volume is expected to grow by 80% in 2021, reaching a new record high. 

To accomplish extraordinary feats, we must respect talents; The way of industrial success lies in teamwork. 

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The unveiling ceremony 

Hangzhou, as one of the Yangtze River Delta cities with buoyant economic development, the highest degree of openness and the strongest innovation ability in China, has produced obvious talent agglomeration effect and industrial synergy effect. 

Deli Tools chose to settle its headquarters in Hangzhou, because it wanted to rely on Hangzhou's location and policy advantages, deeply participating in industrial cooperation and recruiting talents. This vibrant city will facilitate Deli Tools' industrial development and push up the overall strength of Deli Tools in product innovation, brand communication and channel marketing. 

Congratulations on Deli Tools' settlement in Hangzhou and wish it a great future. 

It is believed that Deli Tools Co., Ltd. will continue to grow in this passionate and dynamic soil, giving strong impetus to the future high-quality development of the Group. 


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