What are the characteristics of a Measuring Tape?

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A Measuring Tape is a frequently used tool in daily life. What everyone often sees is the steel measuring Tape, which is often used in building and decorating, and is also one of the indispensable tools for families. Divided into fiber tape, measuring Tape, waist circumference, etc.

What are the characteristics of a Measuring Tape?

What parts does a Measuring Tape consist of?

How to use a Measuring Tape correctly?

What are the characteristics of a Measuring Tape?

The measuring Tape can be rolled up because there is a spring inside the measuring Tape. When pulling out to measure the length, the length of the ruler and the spring is actually stretched. Once the measurement is complete, the spring in the measuring tape shrinks automatically and the ruler follows the action of the spring force. Shrink so that the measuring Tape rolls up.

First, the measuring Tape is too deformed and will not fail. Why didn't it fail? The tension spring in the measuring Tape is very long and its range from fully relaxed to fully tensioned is very large. The entire stroke of the measuring Tape is included, and there is an edge at both ends so that the measuring Tape does not fail.

Secondly, there is no difference between pulling one meter long or two meters long; The spring of the measuring tape is very thin and the deformation when tightening is also very low, so the reaction force is very low and the force change when pulling the ruler is not noticeable.

What parts does a Measuring Tape consist of?

The steel measuring Tape consists of eight parts: housing, ruler rod, brake, ruler hook, belt, ruler spring, fall protection sleeve and lettering. The specific details are as follows:

1.Shell: ABS new plastic, with a shiny appearance; Anti-fall, wear resistant, not easy to deform.

2.Ruler strip: 50# premium strip steel with a thickness of 10 wires (0.10mm); Ruler surface is the most advanced environmental protection color: odorless, smooth and wear-resistant, bright in color and scale is clear and bright

3.Brakes: It has three-dimensional braking from top, side and bottom, and the hand control feels stronger.

4.Ruler hook: The hook structure of the rivet ruler is not easily deformed and ensures more accurate measurement.

5. Strap: rubber and nylon; high quality and high quality; strong and durable, with good hand feel.

6.Ruler spring: generally 50# carbon steel, 65# manganese material: strong toughness and high precision.

7.Fallproof Protective Case: High quality plastic to avoid breakage and collision damage and improve durability.

8. Labeling: can be made according to customer requirements.

How to use a Measuring Tape correctly?

The measuring Tape head is loose so that we can measure the size. When measuring the size of the measuring tape, there are two measurement methods. One is to hang on the object, and the other is to press on the object. The difference between the two measurement methods is the thickness of the iron sheet at the head of the measuring tape. The purpose of the loose tape head is to compensate the iron piece of the tape head when it is pressed against the object.

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