What does adjustable spanner mean?

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The opening width of the adjustable wrench can be adjusted in a certain area. It is a tool for tightening and loosening nuts and screws of different specifications. The adjustable wrench consists of a head and handle, and the head consists of a movable plate lip, rigid lip, plate mouth, turbine and shaft pin.

What are the requirements for using an adjustable spanner?

What are the precautions for using an adjustable wrench?

What are the advantages of adjustable spanners?

What are the requirements for using an adjustable spanner?

(1) When turning the large nut, a large torque is often used, and the hand should be held near the end of the handle.

(2) When turning the small nut, the torque used is not large, but the nut is too small and slips easily, so the hand should be held close to the adjustable wrench. This makes it possible to adjust the turbine at any time and tighten the impact plate lips to prevent slipping.

(3) The adjustable wrench cannot be turned over to avoid damaging the lip, and the steel tube cannot be used to extend the handle to increase the torque.

What are the precautions for using an adjustable wrench?

1. When using an adjustable wrench. The movable jaws of the key should bear the thrust, while the fixed jaws should bear the tensile force, that is, when the key is pulled. The movable jaw points inwards: the force must be uniform so as not to damage the key or the corners of the screw and nut. Sliding accident.

2. Excessive force should be avoided when using the adjustable wrench. Otherwise, slipping and injury to the human body can occur.

3. The adjustable wrench should not be used as a crowbar or hand hammer.

4. When handling rusted nuts. Add a few drops of petroleum or oil to the nut. After a while. Just turn it. If it cannot be screwed, do not use steel pipe to cover the handle of the adjustable wrench to increase the torque. Since the active lip or mother can be very easily damaged, the mother cannot be removed.

5. If a wrench is required for climbing work, it must be guided with a rope and must not be thrown up and down.

What are the advantages of adjustable spanners?

The adjustable wrench is a common tool for maintenance personnel. Since its opening can be adjusted within a certain range, it is very convenient to use. It can be used not only for metric standard screws and inch screws, but also for some self-made non-standard screws. The disc wrench is forged in one piece from high quality steel with medium carbon content or high quality alloy steel. It has the characteristics of reasonable design, stable structure, high material density, strong impact resistance, no folding, continuous, no bending, high dimensional accuracy and durability.

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