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Hand tools

Hand tools are a classification of the hardware industry. The hardware industry is divided into hand tools, electric tools, auto maintenance tools, pneumatic tools, welding equipment, abrasive tools, daily hardware, building hardware, kitchen and bathroom hardware, and small household appliances.

Hand tools can be divided into wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, tape measures, hammers, sockets, cuttings, scissors, sets, and auxiliary tools such as tool carts, etc., each category is a different 's model. Here are three major hand tools brands in China.

Three major brands of hand tools in China

【1】Deli Tools


【3】Stanley tools


Deli Tools is the top1 growing hand tools brand in China.

Deli Tools has been founded in 1998, but at that time besides the same, this company that has been founded in 1998 had no link at all with Deli Group. Deli Group is a leader in various niche markets. In 2014, Deli decided to go on the tool market. Deli’s distributor and sales network require to develop this product because they were confident about their ability to sell it, and it gave a lot of confidence about succeeding in the tools market. In 2016 Deli tools merged into Deli Group. 2021, five years later that acquisition, Deli Tools is now the No.2 hand tools brand in the Chinese market right behind SATA.

Deli Tools is doing full-range products of tools. Deli Tools has 16 major product categories including power tools, toolsets, pliers, fastening tools, sockets&wrenches, measuring tools, gardening tools, tool storage, cutting tools, measuring&layout tools, electrical tools, other tools, automotive tools, protective equipment, welding machine, and outdoor equipment.


STAR TOOLS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. is affiliated with APEX TOOLS GROUP and is responsible for the sales of STAR TOOLS in China. At present, it mainly promotes the "SATA" SATA brand in China. SATA is a tool brand specially tailored for the Chinese market to meet the domestic market's demand for mid-to-high-end tool products. At present, SATA provides professional hand tools, electrical and electronic tools, auto maintenance tools, tire maintenance equipment, pneumatic tools, hydraulic lifting tools, personal safety protection products, and other seven categories of products for the Chinese market, with more than 3,000 specifications. Its tool products are widely used in the production line production, equipment maintenance and repair, automobile maintenance, and industrial installation and construction of industrial and mining enterprises.


In 1843, Frederick and William Stanley founded the predecessor of the Stanley Company in New Brighton, Connecticut, USA, as a small workshop specializing in the manufacture of hinges, latches, and other door and window hardware products. Since its inception, Stanley has been a creative company, designing and inventing many hardware tools that are still widely used today. In particular, the birth of the world's first tape measure has greatly changed the way people work and played an indelible role in accelerating the process of human industrialization.

With a history of 170 years, Stanley has grown into a worldwide, highly trusted, high-value global brand that owns several first-line tool brands such as Stanley, Dewalt, and Facom.


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